Become a New You!

Hand & foot spa service

Manicure $50.00

French Manicure $60.00

Mini Pedicure $50.00

Pedicure $64.00

French Pedicure with Gel Polish $75.00

Spa Pedicure $74.00

Spa French Pedicure with Gel Polish $80.00

Paraffin Wax Treatment $15.00

Gel Polish (Add to service) $10.00

Gel Polish Only (Without Service) $30.00

Gel Polish Removal (Without Service) $10.00

Mobile spa services Available Now!!!

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Foot care

Pedicure (Nail trim and shape, Cuticle trim, Hand soak and exfoliation, Moisturizer) $74.00

Spa Pedicure (Toenail trim and shape, Callous reduction, Foot soak and scrub,

Lower leg and foot massage, Moisturizing foot masque) $84.00

Add Gel Polish $10.00

Pedique Toenail Reconstruction starting at $30 (consultation required)

Toenail Brace $40

Add Gel Polish $10

Hand Care

Manicure (Nail shape and trim, Hand soak and scrub, Hand and forearm massage, Polish) $60

Spa Manicure (Nail shape and trim, Hand soak and scrub, Hand and forearm massage, Moisturizing hand masque, Polish) $70

Add Gel Polish $10.00

Regular Nail polish is included in all our manicure and pedicure services!


Brow $30

Full Face (upper lip, and chin) $50

Full Face + Brow (upper lip, chin   and brows) $65

Full Arms $60

Under Arms $40

Half Leg $48

Full Leg $85

Bikini $50

Brazilian $95

Bro-Zilian (male intimate waxing) $95


Basic Package (Spa Manicure &Pedicure) $135

Vacation Ready (Spa Pedicure, Waxing (Full Leg or Brazilian)  $150

Luxury Package (Spa Manicure & Pedicure, Waxing Full Leg & Brazilian)  $285

Full body wax (Full face + Brow, Under Arms, Full Leg & Brazilian)  $230

*GST will be added to all services

Get $10 off when you book 2 or more services! Discount for Seniors!!


Spa Facial $65.00

Anew U Micro Facial Therapy (AHA) $120.00

Anew U Acne Control Facial $120.00

Anew U Honey Glow Facial $120.00

Cornflower Eye Treatment $75.00

Cornflower Eye Treatment (added to facial) $40.00

Back Treatment $140.00

Special pricing for multiple facial treatment sessions.


Lip $15.00

Chin $15.00

Brow $30.00

Lip, Chin, Brow $43.00

Face (Brow not included) $35.00

Underarms $25.00

Lower or Upper Leg $38.00

Full Leg $65.00

Bikini $40.00

Brazilian Cut $90.00

Brazilian Cut (3-4 Week Maintenance) $78.00

Back $63.00

Chest & ABs $78.00

Neck $25.00


Brow Tinting $25.00

Eyelash Tinting $35.00