Direct Billing

At Anew U Spa we would like to make your lives a little easier. For those of you who don’t know, we direct bill to several different insurance companies now! If your insurance company is one the list below, and your insurance plan can be direct billed, we can help make your therapeutic massage more relaxing for you. Simply show us your insurance plan card before your appointment, and we can do the rest.

We can direct bill to the following insurance providers:

  • Blue Cross
  • Medavie
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance
  • Johnson Inc.
  • Cowan
  • Manulife Financial
  • ClaimSecure
  • Maximum Benefit or Johnston Group
  • Canada Life
  • Sun Life Finacial
  • Green Shield
  • First Canadian Insurance Corp.
  • Group Source
  • Equitable Life
  • Empire Life
  • The Co-operators
  • NexgenRx

Please note: You are responsible for any amount not covered through your insurance plan. If you require additional information for your insurance company; before any coverage will be paid you are responsible for any amounts owing until information is provided to your insurance carrier. If the response from your insurance carrier states “Claim is Acknowledged” however does NOT show the amount of coverage, you will be asked to provide credit card information for future payment if amount is not covered through your insurance plan. The amount will NOT be applied to your credit card without notification we will call or email you the amount that will be applied). If you do not have a credit card, you will be required to pay for your appointment and a receipt will be issued to you for you to submit to your insurance company. If you require more information please contact us at 780-980-9363.

*Allied healthcare providers can opt in or opt out at any time.